White Paper: Advantech Intelligent Devices and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

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Iot Solutions for Green Energy

Utilizing the right Microsoft devices enables more dynamic production environments and minimizes supply chain risks. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise interfaces with a wide selection of Advantech products to support numerous applications.

As an authorized Microsoft Windows Internet of Things (IoT) distributor and Cloud Solution Provider, Advantech is also a one-stop-shopping partner for comprehensive services built around the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise ecosystem. Download this white paper and learn more about:

  • Why Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is ideal for digital transformation
  • Empowering advanced AI and Machine Learning in your operations
  • The MIC-770 + MIC-75G20 solution for high-processing edge computing 
  • 9 reasons to consider Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for your business
  • Advantech's MIC-770 V3 IPC for IoT Solutions & AI


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